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Philips Hq8 Replacement Blades

Get your Philips norelco shavers and blades off to a good start with this 3 pcs Hq8 replacement heads, this headset contains two individual blades for each blade type and a single head for fine and large island blades. The new blades are of beneficial quality and appearance with a twilight blue color, the set also includes a protection card which offers you a means of insurance for each use.

Nr Hq8 Replacement Blades

This is a valuable set of 3 blades for your Philips series 5000 Hq8 shaver, they come in a fun, unique packaging that will make your shaver stand out from the rest. The replacement blades are made of durable materials and will keep your Philips series 5000 Hq8 shaver functioning properly, norelco edition replacement blades are made with two blades each. This allows two different tasks to be completed with the same blade, the new blades are high quality and durable design that should last long with the use of regular use. This is an 3 Hq8 replacement heads for Philips norelco shavers and blades, the 3 technology ensures perfect, pure and clear these new heads are precision-made to support Philips norelco shavers and blades and are available in green or black. The new Hq8 replacement blades are made with high-quality materials and construction that will never failing to meet your expectations, they are designed for use with the Philips norelco shavers - oem Hq8 heads.