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Fiskars Lopper Replacement Blade

This is a new fiskars 79336920k tree pruner replacement blade 15 6969612. It is a 18" blade and is made of durable materials. It is designed to keep your tree trimmed down and safe.

Fiskars Pole-Pruner Replacement Saw Blade

Fiskars Pole-Pruner Replacement Saw Blade



Fiskars Replacement Pruner Saw Blade, 15-In.

Fiskars Loppers Replacement Blades

The new fiskars loppers have given me the job of lopping off the top off of my saw. I was a little scared when I got my saw, because I never worked with a lopper before. But it was so easy to set up and use. The lopper has a green light on it and when it is on, you can hold the lopper against the saw and cutting motion. Then once the cutting motion is over, you lift the lopper and the saw cuts the material off. the material that is cut off is then put on a workboard and the green light is turned off. You can then place the lopper against the saw again and cutting motion is turned on. After the cutting motion is on, the material is then lifted off of the workboard and placed on a worksurface. The green light is turned off again and the saw will start to cut the material off at a faster rate than before. The saw has now cut the entire cut off piece on the top of my saw. I am very happy with the new fiskars loppers and would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a saw.

Fiskars Titanium Lopper Replacement Blade

This is a titanium lopper replacement blade for the fiskars 15 pole pruner. The blade is a low-clearance open-end blade and must be rewritten with a stainless steel blade. The blade is a medium-clearance open-end blade. this is a 14" l5532 blade that is in good condition. It is not oops! this is a fiskars l5532 replacement blade. It is a high quality blade made of durable materials. It is made to give you the best performance with long lengths of hair. The 15" length is perfect for sawing, cutting, or trimming. the fiskars 9278 forged pruner with replaceable blade non-slip grip for brances is a great choice for those looking for a fiskars bypass lopper replacement blade. It features a non-slip grip, and a durable frame that has been designed to provide years of use. Additionally, it has a 3-position pricing system, so you can choose to have the blade set at 3" or 1" dia. this is a great replacement blade for your fiskars loppers. It is non-slip grip, fits most swords, and is made of hard anodized aluminum. This blade is also easy to hold and operates easily with one hand.