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Solo Replacement Blades

This is an 4-pack of per-use blades for an electric razor double-sided head shaving the blades come in a resealable bag which makes them facile to take with you wherever you go, and the body is manufactured of durable a5 material that will last, these replacement blades are beneficial for any woman who needs to keep her shave clean and tidy.

Microtouch Solo Replacement Blades

The 4 pc men's micro-solo electric razor is a sterling tool for shoppers who ache for the best shaving experience, the blade head is double-sided, so you can easily get an exceptional results with just the amount of pressure. The tool is further lightweight and uncomplicated to hold, so you can get the best results without having to worry about its weight, this micro touch Solo is a valuable alternative for men who are scouring for a new blade head shaver. The shaver renders a single-sided blade head that is top-of-the-line for and other large face beard types, the micro touch Solo is a low-cuso device that is moreover top-rated for thin face hair and is further pressurized to create a first-class shave. This shaver also grants a long 2-year warranty, this micro touch Solo razor replacement blades are both a double-sided blade head shaver and a men's made from durable and plastic-free materials, these blades are first-class for men who wish for the best shave ever. These blades have a quick release system so you can easily get to work, and a hard-grip texture that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, additionally, these blades have a long high-capacity blade life, so you can get the most out of your shaver. If you're digging for a new blade head shaver, men for micro-solo-electric-razor double-sided blade head shaver is the kit you want! This 4-piece kit includes an electric razor, a single side blade and a 'reciprocating' blade, all you need to do is cut your existing blade off the end of the 'reciprocating' blade and cut the entire blade off the top of the electric razor. Once you've done this, you can simply cut the new blade into small pieces and store them in the included box, this will make you replacement blades are designed to tailor both the micro-soloelectric razor and the double-sided blade head shaver.