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Mora Replacement Blades

Mora hand auger replacement blades are top grade for folks who need to pare or replace lost or forgotten tools, these blades are 6" in size and are made of durable materials to ensure your business is cleanly and efficiently.

Strikemaster Mora Hand Auger Replacement Blades

Mora hand auger replacement blades are peerless for use your hand auger to strike coal or other objects, the blades are 6" in diameter and are sharpened off the market since Mora stopped manufacturing them in 2022. If you're needing a replacement hand auger blade, try using a standard hand auger instead, the Mora hand auger replacement blades are best-in-class for use with the Mora tool set or other auger tools. The blades are 6-in-1 construction, allowing you to cut through tough material with ease, the Mora auger blade is a fantastic way for people who desiderate to avoid breaking the bank. With replaceable blades, offers one form center out six Mora replacements, made in sweden, these blades are sure to meet your needs for when and how you need them. This is a Mora 7 b that we are replacing the other two sets of blades with, the original sets were made in sweden and are in top-notch condition. We highly recommend these as they will last you many years, the Mora 7 b is a large size that is terrific for use with other tools and machines.